The Resto'Clock product range

64 pizzas

4 choices, 2 or 4 ovens


Up to 20 pizzas,

up to 2 ovens, 100% connected solution 

Resto'Clock is for you!

Operational 24/7


Expand your business 24/7, offer your best pizzas for sales at any time of day, you will be sure to capture all your customers and develop a new one.

Up to 64 capacity pizzas


Offer up to 4 different pizza choices with a capacity of up to 64 pizzas 30 cm in diameter. Do not be afraid to fall out of stock and be sure to sell the most popular pizzas.



100% self-service


The key to success lies in the ease of use of Resto'Clock terminals.

 No permanent staff to sell, the consumer simply supports the screen and is guided.

Ready to eat in 4 minutes


Traditionally, your pizzas are ready for sale in 8-10 minutes. With the Resto'Clock terminals, the consumer will be able to have a hot and crispy pizza in 4 minutes thanks to our induction furnace and its reheating performance.

Modern and connected


For maximum visibility, you have a screen of 82 cm allowing a clear broadcast of your commercials. Its advanced connectivity allows you to remotely control and supervise your business.

Restoring temperature


Resto'Clock terminals use the latest induction furnaces with Ovenbox technology.

 Set the temperature of the vault, the sole and offer your pizzas with optimal quality.

Energetic efficiency


With a consumption of 80 W per pizzas distributed hot, you have the most energy-efficient device on the market. For 1000 pizzas sold / month, only € 30 of electricity consumed.

Hygiene and quality


OVENBOX technology guarantees you compliance with HACCP standards. Aluminum dish and lid, no handling of products within your distributors, no pizza outlet from its box, no box opening.