Resto'Clock, Société Générale d'Equipement de Restauration, was created in 1995 by Mr. Raffaele Gérard. The company is positioned in the out-of-home catering market, around the material distribution of meals.

We manufacture and market equipment for commercial or collective catering. Our know-how in research and development ensures the realization of innovative products adapted to new consumer trends but also to the requirements of users.


Thanks to our expertise, we have become, in addition to our first activity of designer-manufacturer, a consulting company in the development of new products.

A team at your service

Manufacturing department and design office


Our distributors are designed and manufactured in France, in our factory in Chapereillan (38).

  • Development of the best technical solutions.
  • Choosing the best possible materials
  • Advanced manufacturing process to ensure reliable and robust products.

Sales department


We offer the right equipment for your investment.

  • A single interlocutor
  • Free trip of a sales engineer to determine your project
  • Advice on the location of your Resto'Clock vending machine

Service assembly, installation and service


We realize for you the installation of your material in showcase or in kiosk.

  • Assembly and installation of your self-supporting structure
  • Installing your distributor in your shop window or kiosk
  • Start up the distributor with you.
  • We maintain your distributor throughout his life.

Our Vision

« Our experience and development capabilities have allowed us to offer you a modern service, a unique induction heating system and total respect for the quality of your pizza. Resto'Clock sales terminals are a reference in the automatic pizza distribution market. By choosing Resto'Clock, you have the guarantee of a reliable, simple and profitable product. Welcome to an innovative and quality world where you will discover a friendly service to share with all your customers. »